Today in one of my Coaching session, a great learning just dawned and extremely powerful yet simple technique naturally emerged.

A 38year old civil engineer, with over 15years of work experience, prone to making mistakes since a year or so; a constant pressure to perform and jeering sense of failure from people’s expectations. Somewhere during the session, something dawned, that we have so programmed ourselves to plan, strategize, think long term, anticipate and many such aspects, especially in the Organizational /Corporate context.

However the same thinking of long term, result, targets, goal orientation, long term planning etc, is today creating a tremendous pressure in the corporate employee. So much so that there is a huge rise is restlessness, anxiety, and stress.

So the very fundamental question that we need to ask is “ what would you be without your story?” and “what would you want to be without the burden of your past stories?

The 38year old response “NOTHING” I would be nothing without my story.

Would it be not great to start from there?

But how do we make this more functional? So the learning was to challenge the long-term thinking, and future orientation. And instead live short term to eliminate the pressure and be more grounded in the moment.

Living half an hour at a time. Imagine if your lifespan is credited to you just 30min at a time, so how you want to live in that half n hour and what would you want to feel in the next 30min?

38year Old’s response, “Oh that sounds so doable and that will take away my pressure instantly. And I don’t need to go through the repeat telecast of my past mistakes that my mind used to constantly playing. Yes this seems so doable”

Its time we shift the Paradigm to . “Plan long term but Live Short term”